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RollJammer is the name of a device created which records a keyfob or garage door openers signal while recording it, forcing the user to reissue the signal. Then the device replays the original recorded signal, triggering the car lock/unlock or garage door close/open, and allows the attacker to replay the second recorded signal. The criminal implications are implicit. However, it shows how flawed the systems are, since they are typically advertised as "secure".

We all know what a company means when they say something is secure (smiley face). It means their small team of coders, lax sysadmins, and people with no real-world black hat experience say that it's secure! And why shouldn't it be?

The sad answer here, is that once you say something is secure, it becomes a personal challenge to defeat. There is no worse future to brace for than when a company says something is secure (I've already quit posting about a nameless companies' software because I kept finding holes in their software which was sold to many Universities as "Secure". Because their devs were following my blog! Lulz).

The rolljammer is mostly built with a Teensy LC, a RF1100-232 RF Transceiver Module, and a 433MHz Transmitter and Reciever pair.

The Teensy LC is programmed to jam the frequency, and after two transmissions, replays the first.

I’ll be ordering the parts soon, and I’ll give you a full guide to make it, including the bill of materials, the schematic, and the code.

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