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Teensy LC in Arch Linux

I had ordered a Teensy LC (Low Cost) board a while back off of Amazon due to cost and project requirements for a HID keyboard attack device. The only need was to program a hardware human interface device to input keystrokes to download and run a generic script from the internet (hardcoded through DNS). Once I eventually came around to programming it, I had installed Teensyduino for the Arduino IDE (v 1.6.12) and wrote up a script to write, save, and run a PowerShell script.

Long story short, I couldn't program the device due to running Black Arch and permissions issues. Running ./arduino as root solved the issue, and unless the Teensy is streaming keystrokes I can just push the button to reset it and reprogram it.

This does bring to light the possibility of intercepting a USB HID attack device and reprogramming it on-the-fly before the actual attack can take place; since the Teensy is a reprogramable device. A commercially available attack device known as the USB Rubber Ducky is such a trinket. The USB VID and PID *can* be changed, per documentation, but this leaves it up to the developer to go that short little extra mile.

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