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January 16, 2010

Do you Ubuntu?

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The latest distribution of Ubuntu, 9.04, codenamed Karmic Koala, was released a few months ago, and I must say the the operating system just keeps getting better. As my experience with Windows has almost completely worn off, there is becoming less and less hurdles in using it.

When it comes to most problems with Windows that people ask me about, most times all I think is, “That’s another reason I don’t use Windows.” But to a point that’s a half truth. I still run XP and Vista, but I no longer bother with a tripple boot system. Once I started using VirtualBox, I ended up installing them and running them concurrently. It’s kinda nice, as I squeezed my upper and lower toolbars to the top, and can also have my Windows taskbar at the bottom.

The huge selling point for me was the word free. There’s so many free programs for Ubuntu that it’s incredible. For many Windows programs, there’s more than likely a free linux equivalent. For example, instead of using Microsoft Office, I use OpenOffice.Org for everything from word documents to spreadsheets and powerpoints.

I also use Ubuntu for all my media, and haven’t come by very many formats that I can’t view. From ripping and burning cds, dvds, and streaming media, it’s all pretty straight forward. Of course, here and there I run into a problem… But there hasn’t been a problem that I couldn’t find an answer to by searching Ubuntu forums

I can even run my own Apache server and host my own website.

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