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Extrapaint is cooler than yours, no need for javascript or a JVM. Coded in ViM for links, and we love Tor. We are the way of invention, learning, tinkering, and question. We have only one point-- that we can do anything.

We love systems and how they work. Sometimes what we learn is by necessity, sometimes born of curiousity. This illustrious concept helped push our forefathers to propel us to where we are today, while we keep making the world of tomorrow.

Just think; we've put a man on the moon, so we should be able to do anything that our minds can conjure up. It is the ideas conceived by wonder that gave us the wheel, electricity, engines, rocketry, computing, cryptography, and countless other revolutionary notions.

This site will be a personal reference for myself to share with others (like my old archives), and will include a trimmed down forum, a wiki, a cherry picked item store (I do make things), among other things. I would also like to branch out, and allow certain other like-minded people to have a subdomain under the extrapaint moniker. If you are interested in such, just shoot me an email (erik.c.paulsen AT the gmails dot com :) )


All information is provided "as-is" and without warranty. As I slowly write more content, I will get around to a feedback form.

Rolljammer - Hacking remote keyless entry (08/26/2017)
Arduino - Arduino primer (Draft 0 08/27/2017)
TeensyLC on Arch Linux - Just a thought (08/29/2017)
Weighing Attack Surfaces - A ramble. That is all. (08/29/2017)

What's in Store

Just brainstorming about subjects and articles to write about...

    Mini Pro
Working Directly with ATmega328pu Chips
    FTDI Breadboard Setup
    Arduino Uno ATmega328pu Programming Shield
    ATmega328pu As a HID device
    Firmware flashing
    ESP8266 with a .96 inch OLED Screen Wifi Messenger
    ESP8266 as a Wireless Honeypot (ESP8266/SD card breakout - Wearable)

    Aircrack and Wireless Testing
    Dumping a Smartphone Database onto C.H.I.P.
    PoisonTap on C.H.I.P
    Expanding the PocketC.H.I.P. with an AWS Instance
Raspberry Pi
    Rasberry Pi 2 as a Split Mode Wifi Router (Ad Blocker | Squid Proxy/Tor router)
    Pi Zero as a Stereo FM Transmitter
    Pi Zero as a PoisonTap MitM interception device

TeensyLC as a HID programmable 'keyboard'

Reverse Engineering Firmware

What is an Attack Surface?

How Advertisement-Based JavaScript DDoS Attacks Work

Passive Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Keystroke Recorder

A Day of Coffee Shop WiFi Sniffing (A Guide to the Aether)

Why Cryptography is becoming Obsolete

A Starter in Forensics and Scalpel

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