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Push and Execute a Bash Script with Puppet Open Source

I haven’t used templates as of yet, since I manage¬†only one OS and version which is managed by puppet. This is changing for our […]

Fixing a Dead Nvidia GeForce GTX 470

I thought I would post a short article, but here is a link to the process, in pictures, on my facebook page. I’ll try […]

Underclocking with MSI Afterburner in Windows

Download MSI Afterburner and install it. Open afterburner.cfg in notepad, and where it says “Enable Unofficial Overclocking EULA =”, and paste this I confirm […]

BitCoin Part 1: A Brief Look & its Volatile History

The peer-to-peer currency BitCoin (BTC) recently entered the mainstream media after news of the silk road, Lulzsec, and the flash crash grabbed second rate […]

BitCoin: FAQ for the masses

Recently I have had various questions asked about BitCoin. My favorite is my wife’s typical “How’s the money laundering going?” — Which always makes […]

Wallet.dat and BitCoin

With all the panic over the last week with the first Trojan;, BitCoin wallet theft and such (think “Information superhighway robbery ), I […]

The Phoenix Miner Explained (BitCoin GPU Mining)

This article assumes first off that you are setup to mine. If you are not setup, then see either the articles for BitCoin mining […]

Cleaning an XFX Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Card

So in some three months of BitCoin mining with a Radeon 5770 in a dusty environment, there was eventual failure. From boot time with […]

What is BitCoin and What is BitCoin Mining?

I tried to break it down to someone yesterday. It went like this: BitCoin is a digital Internet currency. Think of it as an […]